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When it comes to making businesses move, Portugal has what it takes. By air, sea or land we have the speed you need to make your products flow worldwide. Portugal has international airports in the mainland and in the Azores and Madeira Islands with regular daily flights to all major world cities. There are also regular daily cargo flights from Portugal to the major hubs in Europe and Asia.

There are frequent daily flights from Faro in the Algarve—including cheap budget flights—within a couple of hours to all major European cities.

Portugal offers:

7 international airports

Daily flights to major cities in Europe and around the world

9 main sea ports

4 international railway lines

Advanced communication system

Our country is very well known for being among those with some of the most advanced communication systems. Portugal ranks 7th in fastest broadband speed and 9th in terms of price according to ITIF Broadband Rankings.

Telephone system:                                                                                                                          

General assessment: Portugal's telephone system has a state-of-the-art network with broadband, high-speed capabilities

Domestic: integrated network of coaxial cables, open-wire, microwave radio relay, and domestic satellite earth stations

International: country code - 351; a combination of submarine cables provide connectivity to Europe, North and East Africa, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the US; satellite earth stations - 3 Intelsat (2 Atlantic Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean), NA Eutelsat; tropospheric scatter to Azores (2010)

Golf Courses

Portugal is widely recognised as having the finest golf courses in the world, providing some of the best golf in the world.

Former German international footballer Dieter Muller says that playing golf in the Algarve is like playing football at Brazil’s legendary Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The striker who still holds the record for the number of goals scored in a single Bundesliga match—six—says the Algarve is now the temple of golf for Europeans, just as the Maracanã is the Cathedral of soccer for footballers the world over.

“The reason is simple,” said Dieter. “People want to play their golf in the Algarve because it not only gives you great courses, it gives you sunshine, it gives you great restaurants, it gives you a great sporting and social experience.

 ‘The Algarve has the best courses in Europe, perhaps in the world, and the golf is so much better when you play with the sun on your back, the beautiful greens, the sea so often in the background.”

Anyone playing golf in Portugal will have the experience imprinted on their memory, and they'll be sure to want to return. Why? Excellent courses in dazzling scenery, a mild climate all year round and the hospitality and friendliness of qualified pros. There are around eighty golf courses, with different layouts and levels of difficulty.

But the greatest challenge is to resist the beauty and light of the surrounding landscape and remain focused. There are ocean-facing greens flanked by cliffs and white sand dunes, and others framed by lakes and mountains, where the fragrances of flowers and herbs blend in a blur of sensations. Many have been designed by famous architects, such as Henry Cotton, Rocky Roquemore and Arnold Palmer, and they all share environmental quality and blend harmoniously into the landscape. The Algarve has a worldwide reputation as the destination of choice amongst more experienced players and has been awarded a large number of international prizes for the quality of its golf and its courses. They host some of the major events on the professional circuits.