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Portugal’s climate is known for its pure air, blue skies and even more hours of sunshine per year than California. It has some of the cleanest air in Europe—beneficial to health and respiratory disease.

The climate in Portugal varies significantly from region to region and is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers mild winters and hot summers, especially in the Algarve. In the Porto, North and Central regions, especially in areas nearer Spain, the winters are colder, although the temperatures are mild when compared to the rest of Europe.

Some snowfall is common in the extreme northern Serra da Estrela, where the highest point in mainland Portugal (1991m) is located and provides conditions for skiing. Summers are hot and dry, especially in inland areas and on the south and south-west coasts, although the heat can be tempered by the maritime influence. Autumn usually offers sunny days with mild temperatures.


Portugal is a friendly, safe country, with a mild climate and an excellent cuisine, ideal to tour with the family. There are numerous activities designed for the little ones, both outdoors and indoors, in castles, museums, zoos, theme parks and aqua parks. Following the footprints of dinosaurs, watching dolphins and whales at sea or learning about the stars are just some ideas of what you can do. Bicycle or donkey rides in natural parks and reserves are Also much appreciated and a relaxed way to learn about and discover nature. On the fine sandy beaches, with calm waters and their pleasant temperatures, children can run and play at will, swim and make sandcastles. But the greatest fun of all is to take advantage of the waves and introduce the whole family to surfing. As for rest, it's easy to find a quiet hotel where parents and children will feel comfortable and recharge their batteries for the following day.

Cuisine - Excellent Food

At the table, you will be delighted with the fresh fish and seafood, either grilled or in a casserole. These are divine flavours which you can enjoy on a simple beach terrace or in the most refined Michelin-starred restaurants, where chefs turn out new versions of traditional cuisine. They are further experiences not to be missed on a visit to the region.

Portugal’s cuisine is as rich and varied as its landscape.
The most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the sea. As you enjoy a simple grilled fish, always fresh like the seafood that abounds from end to end along the coast, you can be sure that you are in Portugal! Cataplanas, bouillabaisses and any other fish or seafood dish are also excellent choices.

Portugal has one of the best Seafood in the world.

For meat dishes, our main suggestion is cozido à portuguesa, a mix of meats, vegetables and various sausages, cooked in a delicious way. We have excellent DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) meats, from north to south, whether it’s beef, pork or kid. Many vegetables and fruit also preserve the taste of the old times, and some also have the DOP label, especially as many are produced organically.
Portuguese olive oil is of prime quality and is part of every dish, including cod (for which it is said that there are 1001 recipes!), which we excel at preparing and enjoying.
Each dish is matched to the right wine. The whole country produces some of the most desirable wines in the world and, while Port wine is famous, the Douro, Alentejo and many other table wines are no less superior.
And the cheeses! While Queijo da Serra (mountain cheese from Serra da Estrela) tops the bill, all the cheeses from Centro de Portugal, Alentejo and the Azores are delicious.
The sweets, whose roots go back to the many convents where they were originally prepared, even today make us “give thanks to heaven”. And a pastel de nata (custard tart) is a must. It is delicious with coffee, which we drink in the form of espresso.
At the end of a meal, we might make a toast with some Port or Madeira, fortified wines that have been spreading our name to faraway lands for centuries. Or with an excellent sparkling wine produced in Portugal, to celebrate a memorable meal provided by the country’s talented chefs.