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The Schengen Area functions as a single country without passport and immigration controls at their common borders and functions as a single country for international travel purposes with a common visa policy.

The Golden Visa is originally issued for one year and then renewed for successive periods of two years, provided that the requirements of the investment activity as well as the minimum stay periods in Portugal are maintained.

We can hand you the key to this Gateway to Europe, with our all-inclusive package offering residency for investors.

We can help businessmen and investors wishing to gain a foothold in the lucrative European Economic Community Schengen area through Portugal’s new “Golden Visa” opportunity.

With the simple investment of a minimum €500,000 ($685,000) to purchase a Portuguese property we can facilitate immediate access to those markets across the European Economic Community.

We offer a one-stop service to purchase the property and help complete all the legal and bureaucratic documentation necessary to obtain the Golden Visa once the acquisition is completed.


All property types qualify—Residential, Commercial, Land, Business( Hotels, Warehouses, Factories, Olive Oil, Wine, etc)—we at Portugal Property International can offer you a wide choice right across the spectrum.

Holders of a Golden Visa essentially have a Portugal residence permit which allows them access to all 26 countries in the Europe Schengen area without the need of any additional visa, and can also enjoy long term residency in Portugal, a country with low wages, sunshine, cheap rents and dozens of direct flights daily to major European destinations.

Already, according to London’s Guardian newspaper, the Portuguese foreign ministry says that 356 residence permits have been granted to investors, including 279 Chinese, 16 Russians, 10 Brazilians and nine Angolans.

The opportunity to access these markets is proving so attractive to Chinese buyers in particular that one lawyer alone is processing 10 applications a week from Chinese families.

We can oversee the entire process for you, from commencement to completion, and deliver you and your company into the mainstream markets of the European Economic Community.